The poetry of Felicity Thistlethwaite

Felicity Thistlethwaite is the Lifestyle and Travel Editor for English would not appear to be her first language. But what she creates has its own strange beauty.

“Would you be impressed if you bought a badge supposed to be filled with hope and brimming with glory – and actually it read Adolf?”

“The haunting images are not one for the faint hearted, and the locations of said hospitals – although confirmed they are in Italy – cannot be revealed… The bath tub filled only half full of – seemingly rain water – is enough to create shivers.”

“People across the West Country spluttered with rage, saying it’s a desecration of their world-famous delicacy.”

“The District Magistrate is said to be pursuing a severe case of negligence. The District Magistrate of Shahjahanpur, Shubhra Saxena, said: ‘It is a severe case of negligence and we are investigating the matter.'”

“What could be more attractive than a bikini-clad an angler holding up a huge catch of the day?”

“WHO knew we were all so sexually charged, especially over the age of 65.”

The Collected Works

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